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Local and Regional  SEO

These are our local and regional Keyword SEO Packages available for the Twin Tiers Region.  Keywords are related to locale such as cities, towns, or counties. Regional Keywords would include the State or the Twin Tiers, Northern Tier, or Southern Tier.  The prices listed covers the initial evaluation, a six month promotion campaign, and an additional 3-6 month maintenance campaign.

First Phase- We evaluate the customer website and determine the keywords we will target to obtain the highest amount of traffic possible that is also relevant to the customer. While we TARGET and track these keywords, typically we see many other keywords and phrases impacted. We focus on the most competitive keywords that have the greatest overall impact in terms of organic traffic and overall Search Engine presence.

Second Phase- This is a 6 month campaign, it will take 3-5 month for results to be achieved, but final report for the client will happen at the end of 6 months with a progress report at the end of the third month.

Third Phase- Results will then be maintained for 3-6 months after being achieved, depending on the volatility and competitiveness of the keywords and the Search Engine Results Page.


6 Local Keywords- $995
12 Local Keywords- $1495
18 Local Keywords- $2195
36 Local Keywords- $3995


6 Regional Keywords- $1195
12 Regional Keywords- $1795
18 Regional Keywords- $2795
36 Regional Keywords- $4995

Price covers- keyword research, optimizations, content creation, and promotions to obtain ranking.

Tioga County PA Advertising and Marketing through the Tioga Freedomist

 The Tioga Freedomist is a digital newspaper that started in July of 2012.  In August of 2015, following trends in news publishing, we began a digital-only PDF version of our former print print publication- Our digital distribution quickly reached over 6,000 downloads per issue, while our print version went to 2,000 readers.  Our daily news website reaches 2500 people a day, 70 percent of which are from Tioga County PA.

If you want to be seen in Tioga County, we’re the place to be seen in.  Here is our current special package we are offering: If you have special Tioga County PA Marketing and Advertising needs, or even national marketing and advertising needs, we have consultants who can help you. The Tioga Freedomist is published by Kross Publishing, which is a national online and print publishing/marketing company that was founded in 1992. Here is updated rate sheet for our Tioga County PA Advertising and Marketing Plans: (Discounts available under certain conditions. USE FORM TO RIGHT to make an inquiry and receive a custom quote.)

Digital and Website Ad Packages 10 27 15

Digital Newspaper Ads Only 10 27 15

Website Ads Only 10 27 15


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The PDF Version of the Tioga Freedomist is downloaded by over 6,000 readers in Tioga County every issue!

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