Frein’s Lawyers, Prosecution Agree To Outside Jury Pending Judge Decision

The prosecutors and defense lawyers dealing with the case against Eric Frein, the man who allegedly ambushed a Pennsylvania State Police trooper in October of 2014, are in agreement with having a jury outside of the area rule over the case.

Eric Frein’s lawyers and prosecutors came to their agreement on Friday, June 10th, at a pretrial hearing that took place in Milford. Although the jury will be outside of the area, the trial will be kept in Pike County where the charges against Frein were filed.¬†The decision has to be approved by a judge, however the judge is expected to approve the decision.

Frein allegedly fatally shot State Police Corporal Bryon Dickson and allegedly wounded Trooper Alex Douglass. The alleged shootings took place in Blooming Grove Township. Defense lawyers argued that a trial in Pike County would not be fair due to the extensive media coverage about the alleged ambush. Frein pleaded not guilty, and authorities are pursuing the death penalty.