Williamsport Man Faces Weapon, Drug Charges Stemming From 2015 Shooting Death of Woman

A Williamsport man is now facing charges in connection with a fatal shooting in which a Williamsport woman was killed.

Keith K. Freeman Jr., who is currently on parole, was allegedly involved in drug activity. According to a Sun-Gazette report, Williamsport police Agent Trent Peacock said that the alleged drug activity may have had something to do with the fatal shooting of Carolyn Barr. Barr, who is Freeman Jr.’s aunt, was fatally shot outside of Freeman Jr.’s home on Brandon Avenue on October 13th, 2015. Knowledge D. Frierson, 23, is facing homicide and weapon charges in connection with that fatal shooting.

According to Peacock, Freeman was arrested and charged with carrying a firearm without a license, possession of heroin, tampering with evidence, and reckless endangering. According to what Peacock stated in court papers, Freeman allegedly “engag[ed] in the sale of narcotics out of his home which recklessly endangered his family and resulted in the shooting death of Barr”.

According to police, Freeman escorted Barr from his 421 Brandon Avenue residence at approximately 9:50 p.m. on October 13th of last year. Then, Freeman and Frierson allegedly both fired shots. A bullet allegedly hit Barr’s abdomen. She was taken to Williamsport Regional Medical Center and she passed away after about an hour. It was Barr’s 56th birthday. Freeman allegedly fired a shot that hit Frierson’s pelvis. Frierson was also taken to Williamsport Regional Medical Center and he allegedly would not answer questions by police. According to police, the gun which Frierson allegedly fired was a stolen gun. The gun was recovered by police, and it was located close to the scene.

According to Peacock, police searched Freeman’s home and allegedly discovered heroin, 13 bags in all, at the top of a bathroom cabinet. According to Peacock in an affidavit, Freeman allegedly admitted to police that he had a concealed revolver on his person and that he allegedly fired at Frierson when he started to flee the scene. After the shooting, Freeman allegedly left the home. A day later, he showed up at police headquarters in order to be questioned.

Two days after the death of Barr, Freeman showed police the steps he allegedly took when he allegedly pursued Frierson. He pointed out the area where he allegedly tossed the gun. According to Peacock in an affidavit, police looked in the bushes but did not find gun. According to Peacock, Freeman allegedly admitted to ditching the gun due to his probation.

Freeman had called Barr so she could pick up his fiancee Karina Washington from work. According to Peacock, Freeman did not want Washington to have to walk home because a man allegedly came to his door and asked for someone unknown to Freeman. Freeman believed the man could have been armed as one hand was in his pants pocket.

During questioning last month, Freeman allegedly admitted that he sold marijuana from the home. He was allegedly afraid that Frierson was going to “rob him”, according to what Peacock stated in court papers. Freeman allegedly believed Frierson was going to rob him because there were other robberies in Williamsport.

After Freeman’s arraignment in front of District Judge Allen P. Page III, he met his $12,500 bail. Freeman waived his preliminary hearing. Frierson is currently in Lycoming County Prison. At this time, Frierson is not eligible for bail. His preliminary hearing is on Friday, June 10th, in front of Page. Please remember that the accused are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.