Port Allegany Bicentennial Event Recognized by PA House of Representatives

Martin Causer
Martin Causer

According to Representative Martin Causer (R) of Turtlepoint, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has approved resolution to commemorate McKean County’s Port Allegany bicentennial event which takes place next month.

Causer issued the following statement about the House’s unanimous decision known as House Resolutoin 904, “It’s great to see the community come together to celebrate its unique history… It’s always interesting to learn more about our past and how the community has evolved, even as we look forward to the future.”

The Port Allegany bicentennial celebrates its 200th anniversary. It takes place from Sunday, June 12th to Saturday, June 18th. There will be an opening ceremony, an ice cream social, and a performance from a barbershop quartet. In addition, there will be a Pioneers Day picnic, a white elephant and bake sale auction, a car cruise, geocaching and scavenger hunts, wagon rides, and a cemetery walk. If you would like more information, you may email minamayor111@gmail.com.

The original name of Port Allegany was “Canoe Place. Canoes were built from white pine trees in the area by early settlers. In 1838, the town’s name was changed to Port Allegany. At the beginning of the 1880’s, the town became a borough.