Clayton Carter, 51, of West Goshen PA, has been arrested and charged with murdering his neighbor, G. Brooks Jennings, also of West Goshen, PA.  The victim was a Republican Committeeman.  Carter was an active Democrat Supporter and self-described Anti-Trumper.  His home’s front lawn contains multiple anti-Trump signs.

The dispute which led to the shooting appears political in nature.  The incident happened this past Tuesday morning, August 8th, 2017, in West Goshen, Chester County PA.

According to police, they had been out to the area just before 8P Monday  to answer a disturbance call. The homes of the victim and accused are next to each other on the 300 block of Box Elder Drive in West Goshen. The two men were in a heated argument, with Carter accusing Jennings of filming his backyard.  Police were able to separate the men.  No charges were filed.  The police then left.

A few hours later, at around 1AM, Tuesday, Police report that Carter claimed Jennings pointed a bright light at Carter’s eyes while he was outside.  Carter then responded by pulling his car onto Jennings’ lawn, shining his high beams on Jenning’s home.  Then Carter went inside and grabbed a .380 pistol from his home.

He walked up to the victim with his gun.  They were both then on Jennings’ property.  Then he pointed his gun at Jennings and shot him in the head.  After Jennings fell, Carter stood over Jennings and shot him again in the head.  Jennings’ wife, having heard the first shot, came out and witnessed Carter firing the second shot that killed her husband.

Carter has a history of quarrelling with neighbors, often over political issues.  These political disputes with neighbors have also included past run ins with Jennings, where once before he had pulled a gun with Jennings.  It is unclear why Carter never faced charges, specifically for the alleged incident in which he pulled a gun on Jennings before.

Carter faces multiple charges, including murder.  He has been remanded to the Chester County Prison.