The PA State-Owned Liquor Stores have announced price increases on 422 items at the end of this month.  This announcement came from the Liquor Control board that oversees the stores.  The authority to do so comes from a 2016 state law allowing the board to raise prices for 150 wine brands and 150 spirits brands.

Of the 422 items, 393 amount to an increase of $1 per bottle.

The PLCB communications director, Elizabeth Brassell, stated that the increase came from Marketing and Merchandising Director Dale Horst and Executive Director Charlie Mooney, who then proposed the increase to the board, which then improved it.  Previously a standard price increase of 31 percent had been applied, but the 2016 law allows the board to act more independently.

The Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging released a statement that reads in part, lawmakers should “rein the state monopoly in” or privatize the system.

“They’ve kind of cemented our philosophy that they can’t operate an effective cost structure,” said the association’s president, John Longstreet. “In business, when you have excessive costs, you look for a way to reduce your costs, you can’t always pass along your cost to consumers.”