Daniel Mitchell, 31, of Cogan Station, faces charges of Accidents involving death or personal injury, tampering with evidence, among other charges.  These charges stem from an incident that happened in March 1st of this year, 2017.  Mitchell is alleged to have struck 54 year old Dennis Burley while he as crossing the street, Route 220, in Woodward Township.  Burley would later die.
After striking the man with his car, Mitchell then fled the scene.  The next day, he is alleged to have taken the car and covered it with tarp in an effort to hide it.  A few days later, Mitchell turned himself in.
At the arraignment, he was given a $150,000 bail, which he was able to meet, and was thus released.

Here are all the charges:
1 75 § 3742 §§ A F2 Accidents Involving Death Or Personal Injury 03/01/2017
2 18 § 4910 §§ 1 M2 Tamper With/Fabricate Physical Evidence 03/01/2017
3 18 § 5101 M2 Obstruct Admin Law/Other Govt Func 03/01/2017
4 75 § 3714 §§ A S Careless Driving 03/01/2017
5 75 § 3744 §§ A S Fail Stop And Give Infor Render Aid 03/01/2017
6 75 § 3746 §§ A1 S Fail To Not Police Of Accident\ Injury Or Death 03/01/2017

Read the full court report;  17 03 01 Daniel Mitchell Hit and Run