Police Report
Crash Report
Time of Incident:  07/23/2017 20:00  HRS
Location:  ON US-16 S APPROX 2 MILES NORTH OF NORTH MAIN ST MANSFIELO EXIT, Tioga Township, Tioga County, PA
Operator 1:  Larry Kirk, 32, Elmira, NY
Unit 1: 1999 Volvo 999
Crash Details:  This crash occurred as Unit 1 was traveling south in SR Hi, a four lane divided highway, in the left lane. Unit 1’s left front tire experienced a blow-out, Oper 1 applied the brakes and attempted to stop Unit 1, Unit 1 traveled off of the east side of the roadway into the median. Unit 1 traveled for approx 162′ across the median in a south-easterly direction before encountering vegetation covered rocks. Unit 1 traveled for another approx 96′ before coming to rest with Unit 1 facing in a easterly direction and the trailer on its left side approx 84′ east of the roadway,
The crash reported listed a “possible injuiry” for Operator 1.