Police Report
Crash Report- Driver Flees
Time of Incident:  07/23/2017 20:44HRS
Location: ON ROUTE no HWY AT ITS INTERSECTION WITH ROP.RING RUN RO, Shrewsbury Township, Lycoming County PA
Operator 1:  Unidentified- Driver Fled Scene
Unit 1:  Ford F150
Operator 2:  Daniel Girardi, 29, Picture Rocks, PA
2 Passengers, both children, not identified
Unit 2:  2001 Buick Lasabre
Crash Details:  Unit 1 traveled mto the southbound lane on SR 220. Unit #1 then crossed back over the double yellow into the northbound lane of travel. Unit #1’s right rear end (5 o”clock position) collided with Unit #2’s left front end (11 o’clock position) which is the initial point of impact. After initial impact Unit #2 then collided with the guide rail approximately 20 feet east of the roadway. Unit #2 rotated approximately 160 degrees clockwise. Unit #2 came to final rest facing north and east approximately 150 feet from secondary impact. Unit #1 fled the scene.
Due to the lack of solvability factors in connection with this investigation, the status of this report will be closed for reporting purposes with the submission of this report & no additional action will be taken. If at a later date any additional information is learned regarding the actors identity, responsible for the commission of this crime, this report will be re-opened & the appropriate action taken.