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You may be considering a new or improved web site to help move your business or organization in Delaware or Maryland to the next level, or you want to develop a fully integrated business strategy using the latest interactive technology. You will need a team of web designer experts can help by implementing a customized combination of the following concepts and initiatives to achieve a seamless start-to-finish development process.

Delaware is a web-connected state, as is Maryland, According to Internet World Stats, Delaware has 719,000 internet users, over 80% of the population, and Maryland has 4.373 million internet users, almost 83% of the population, as of 2017. Reaching internet users is not just a matter of reaching real people, and as people spend more and more time online your ability to connect, communicate, and capture an audience could be vital to your orrganization’s long-term survival. So whether you already have a website or platform that is not getting you the results you want or have to start from scratch, it is important to go through a thorough process for web development.

Below is a basic blueprint for achieving an effective web design, which the people at Delmarva Digital use in their web development, and which everyone engaging in web development should be aware of and follow.

Research and Strategic Plan Web Development You can’t just start designing! The thing you need to do is research and make a strategic plan, Here are some areas you will need to focus on-

  • Organizational goals and growth potential- this is very important, you need to lay out your goals and expectations. Do you want members to enroll, people to join an email list, or to sell products- if you don’t know what your goals are, and what your growth potential is, you are not going to have a good plan!
  • Local, regional and/or national market conditions regarding your products and services- you have to assess the actual market conditions, such as demand, whether demand is growing or shrinking, what people want and expect, and whether or not the market is saturated with providers, because to win you have to beat your competitors
  • Current marketing and advertising initiatives- this is important, your web presence should be in harmony with everything else you are doing, and your plan should reflect the best data you can get from existing marketing and advertising results
  • Areas where web-based tools may increase efficiency, organizational effectiveness, internal and external communication- web design is not just about a front-facing site for the public, you can use web development and design to enhance internal functions, communications, and client communications, so then your ROI is also measured in cost savings obtained from using virtual toold
  • Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of competitive entities- you have to know who is in your space, where they are strong, where they are work, and how that effects you
  • Evaluation of competitive web sites to identify opportunities for gaining market share- very often your competitors will have some weakness, some area where they have been blind, especially if they are complacent, you have to know that
  • Domain registration is available through any major registrar including Network Solutions, and GoDaddy, but you need to pick the right domain rame, or domain names, for your project

Of course, you can do all that, but a professional web development provider will be able to walk through all of this and include tjis information in their analysis of your needs and their ultimate proposal. But even if you are doing this in-house, the web development team needs to go through all these factors and you should require a formal proposal.

Proposal Website Creation After the initial consultation and research have been completed by the whole web develop,ent tea,, which should include people on both the technical and business side, a proposal is created based on the information gathered. The team that does the proposal, whether it a web development company or your own staff, needs to discuss your style and web design preferences and develop the necessary specification of web-based tools and content management systems.  If you get this right, if you have done your research and created a proposal that takes all this into account in a goals-oriented manner, then you are likely to see great results from your web development project.

Web Development Process Generally, the internal development process begins with software architecture website development, and graphics design. After the web design is approved by you, the software is integrated with graphics. Content writing services are usually available upon request.

Project Completion and Follow Up After the new web site is tested by the you and thwe web designers team on a test server, the site goes live. After the project launch has been completed, search optimization continues over a period of time. Our web design team is available on an on-going basis to help your organization’s web-based tools evolve to meet the challenges of the future.


Delaware-Maryland Web Development

In Delaware and Maryland a leading web development provider is Delmarva Digital. The content of this article is largely taken, with permission, from their own website, here.

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