A downed tree destroyed a shed in Mansfield.

A strong spring thunderstorm left damage and power outages in its wake as it hit the region on Monday, May 1st.

The storm started at around 7:00 p.m. The National Weather Service had issued a tornado watch for 29 counties in the state, including Tioga County, until 10:00 p.m. A severe thunderstorm warning was also issued.

Multiple trees were downed in Lycoming County. In some cases, uprooted trees resulted in ripped up sidewalks. In Williamsport, a big tree landed on a Seventh Avenue residence. Also in Williamsport, multiple trees fell in the area of Campbell Street and West Fourth Street in the back of what was once the Park Home. According to scanner reports, several trees went through homes and trailers.

A tree fell by a ranch style home in Mansfield.

Trees also toppled in Tioga County. In Mansfield, a tree fell on the roof of a multi-story home on Lambs Creek Road. In a photo taken by reader Amanda Roe, a tree could be seen leaning against the roof. Someone was already on the roof assessing the damage when the picture was taken. Also in Mansfield, a large tree fell at 202 South Academy Street. A storage shed was destroyed, but a ranch style home beside the shed was not damaged. It is not known how much, if any, of the shed’s contents are salvageable.

Power lines also fell in the region, which resulted in many power outages. At least 18,000 PPL customers lost power on Monday evening. Some of the power outages extended into Tuesday morning. Penelec customers in Wellsboro, Morris Run, and Roaring Branch lost power as well. The power was expected to be restored by 10:00 a.m. in those areas. Downed wires also blocked a few roads in Lycoming County.

At least one fire was reported in Lycoming County. In Loyalsock Township, firefighters fought a fire at a Fairview Road residence for more than an hour. It is not known how much damage was caused by the fire.

A tree rests on a home on Lambs Creek Road. Photo by Amanda Roe

There were also reports of possible tornadoes in the region and in other parts of the state. The National Weather Service reported that a “large and extremely dangerous tornado” was near Betula, McKean County, shortly after 4:00 p.m. Funnel clouds were reportedly spotted in Bradford, Port Allegany, Kane, Ceres, and Crosby.

According to Tami Wells in a social media post, a possible tornado struck the Pennhills Club in Bradford, McKean County. Wells noted that the cabin was “okay”. According to reports, about 50 trees fell at Pennhills.

The National Weather Service will be looking at the storm damage in Bradford. They are also sending weather experts to the Pittsburgh area to see if the damage there was caused by tornadoes. There is no word of any injuries due to the storm at this time.