The Pennsylvania State Police in Montoursville are investigating a criminal mischief incident that took place on State Route 44 on Saturday, February 25th.

According to a police report, 78-year-old Richard D. Walker of Waterville was driving south on State Route 44 at approximately 9:06 a.m. An unknown male bicyclist was also riding his bike in the area. As Walker tried to pass the bicyclist on the left side of the road, the bicyclist swerved his bike. The bicyclist was hit by Walker’s passenger side mirror. Walker stopped driving and attempted to see if the bicyclist was injured. The bicyclist, who was still on his bicycle, exited his bicycle and went up to Walker’s vehicle. Then, the bicyclist yelled at Walker. Walker stayed in his vehicle as he was afraid. The bicyclist took hold of Walker’s driver side mirror and twisted it. The mirror glass shattered as a result. The bicyclist mounted his bike and fled the scene. He headed in a south direction on State Route 44. The incident took place about 1,640 feet to the west of State Route 414.

The bicyclist was wearing a florescent yellow t-shirt. compression shorts, and a helmet.