News for the NightNEWS FOR THE NIGHT -You’ve heard the expression, physician heal thyself, right?  Well, how about this one?  Lost Man Find Missing Man Finds HimselfThyself!

That’s just what happened in the strange case of Edgar Latulip, who, almost 30 years ago, in September 1986, disappeared from a group home in Kitchener, Ontario.  At the time of his disappearance, it was said he was suffering from “developmental delays” and was also being treated for an attempted suicide.

His mother had long since assumed that Latulip had met with “foul play,” even, possibly suicide.  Officials at the time believed he had taken a bus for Lake Ontario or Niagra Falls, with aims of completing the failed suicide attempt.

As it turned out, news of his demise was greatly exaggerated.  It seems that Latulip did leave the group home in 1986, only to suffer a head injury (for reasons that had not been determined).  The head injury caused him to forget who he was.

Latulip took on a new name and began a whole new life a mere 80 miles from the town where he originally disappeared.

This past January 2016, Latulip revealed to a social worker in the city he now lived in, St. Catherines, Ontario, that he was having a flashback that included a name he thought was originally his.

Later, Latulip ran across a missing persons flyer online that matched the name he remembered in the flashback.  He called the police station and volunteered to have a DAN test to determine if he was, in fact, well….Latulip.  This confirmation came just this past Friday, February 27th, 2016.

“It’s the only case, that I know of, where we’ve been able to find someone who has been missing for this period of time,” Det. Const. Duane Gingerich, of the Waterloo Regional Police, told CCTV.

It might be the only case where a person missing nearly 30 years solved his own mystery as well.


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